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English Special Class- Right Use of Should, Ought to and Must

As you know, English language is very important, if you want to clear any competitive exam. English language is very scoring section but if you don’t know much about English rules, it is very difficult to get score in English language. So if you want to get perfection in English language, just watch the given video and subscribe my channel to get latest video. On this channel, we will discuss about whole syllabus chapter wise but first of all, we will learn some basic usage as use of should, use of must, use of ought to etc.

Use of Should:- “Should” should be used when any one giving some advice or suggestion as you want to say you are going to school but your are not wearing school dress, you parents will say that you should wear your school dress. Some examples are given below.

You should go to school daily.
You should not talk to bad peoples.
He should study hard.
I should talk to you.

To know more sentence structure as Negative sentences, Interrogative sentences, Interrogative negative sentences just click on the given video and get knowledge in detail.

Use of Ought:- “Ought to” Should be used where you are talking about duty. As our duty is to serve our parents. So you can say that You ought to serve your parents. Like this you can say that you ought to love your country. Some examples are given below.

You ought to serve your parents.
You ought to help your friends.
You ought to fight against corruption.
You ought to go against terrorism.

Like this you can use “Ought to” in English Sentences.

Use of Must:- Must is used when you want to say something is very important as if you want to say that it is very important to go to market , you can say it directly I must go to market. So whenever you think any work is very important, just use must in sentence. Some examples are given below.

You must follow me.
If you want to take care of your eyes, you must eat green vegetables.
I must help my friends.
We must go to market and buy some vegetables.


Like this you can use “Must” in English Sentences. So if you want to get information in detail, just watch the given video and also comment about this video and give your feed back. Thanks.