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Objective General English Books 2013-14

Test of English language is one of the most important section of every competitive examination. Secondly, it’s not all about learning English for competition exams, we need to practice and learn English for our day to day life as well. If you don’t know proper English, you will be lagging behind millions of peoples. Now a days in every office whether it is private or public, English is main language which is used. Objective General English Books are there to prepare you from the simplest English to the advanced level.

People tend to make very simple and general mistakes while speaking and writing English. If you think that your English is very perfect then you are mistaken. English language is very vast and we only know the basics of it. However the main aim of ours is to suggest some books by which you can score good marks in competitive exams.

Here is the list of Objective General English Books :

  1. Objective General English 22nd Edition by RS Aggarwal – S. Chand Publisher
  2. Objective General English 2012 Edition by SP Bakshi – Arihant Publications
  3. Objective English for Competitive Examinations by Tata-Macgrwa Hill Publication
  4. Quick Learning Objective General English 3rd Edition by RS Aggarwal
  5. Objective General English for Competitive Examinations 1st Edition by Arihant Publications

These books deals with various parts of English language. The basic chapters include synonyms, antonyms, double synonyms, homonyms, word substitution and vocabulary test. The next few chapters is all about ability to comprehend a given text. Whenever a passage comes in an exam, there are always two things that you must know after reading it. First, the precise meaning of what the writer wants to say and secondly the theme of the passage. By practicing various passages from the book, you will be able to quickly understand solve passage related questions in exam.

Few other chapters are on sentences, choosing correct fillers and passage completion. Rearrangement of sentences, error detection, idioms, common phrases, active passive voice and direct indirect speech are other chapters to make your English more perfect.

You should also practice previous year questions papers of the exam that you are going to give. By practicing you will get enough idea as how the English section questions are made and what are the chapters that you are going to get the maximum questions. If you solve last 5 years papers, then practice with these books then surely you are going to get good marks in the English Section.