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English Language Tips & Tricks For SBI PO Prelims 2019

English Language section is most important part of SBI PO. It is important because this section is easiest section for the candidates who prepared well and also this section needs lesser time than other section. The questions of this section is straight forward means if you know the answer, you understand in only one glimpse of questions. In this article, we are going to know how to prepare English Language section for SBI PO exam and English language tips and tricks.

Time management is very important part of any competitive exam. If you can’t manage your time, you can’t clear the competitive exam. So first of all, we need to know how much time we get during the exam for English language section in SBI PO prelims. To Know the time we need to know Exam Pattern.

SBI PO Prelims Exam Pattern 2019

S.No.Name of Tests(Objective)No. of QuestionsMaximum MarksDuration
1English Language303020 Minutes
2Numerical Ability353520 Minutes
3Reasoning Ability353520 Minutes
Total1001001 Hour

As you saw, you’ll get only 20 minutes for solving 30 questions means you’ll get 1 & half minute to solve one questions. So now you can think how important is to manage time. One extra second can make big difference in the end.

Now let’s know the English language section syllabus for SBI PO Prelims and then we’ll know the tips & tricks for this section.

English Language Syllabus for SBI PO Prelims 2019

The following topics are normally asked in SBI PO Prelims exam according to previous year papers and SBI Official notification 2019.

Reading Comprehension :- Reading Comprehension is one of the most important topics in SBI PO English section. It consists of a passage and few questions based on the passage. You need to read whole passage and answer all the question given below the passage.

Tips:-You need to increase your reading speed and do regular practice. Practicing regular makes you perfect in this section. The easiest questions should be solved first and after that grammar one.

Cloze Test:- This is another time taking question. In this question, There is a comprehension given and you will be asked to fill the blanks or fill the words which make a sequence of sentences of the passage. There will be 5 option given for each blank spot.

Tips:-First of all, you need to read all the passage and then you have to find the suitable word for blank spot. Read next sentence and relate it to the previous sentence and careful with the noun, pronoun and other parts of speech. You can also follow the elimination process.

Sentence Correction:-Sentence correction is another most important part of this section. In this section, you need to correct the sentence grammatically.

Tips:- Learn all grammatical rule by heart. Clear all the doubts and obviously you need to practice well. Regular your readings and read daily newspapers and English books.

Error Detection:- Error Detection portion is given to you to test your grammatical knowledge. There is a sentence given in this section and you have to observe the error part and tick on the correct option.

Tips:- Student must aware of all grammatical rules and exceptions. Read English Newspapers, Watch English News channels and serials with subtitle. You must understand the sentence formation rules.

Para Jumbles:-Para Jumbles is another question which normally asked in English section. In this question, you need to solve rearrange the given sentence to form a meaningful sentence.

Tips:- First of all, you need to know the meaning of sentences means you need to know that about what sentence is saying. You must try to find clue from preposition, adjective, pronouns, verbs and noun. Arrange the given phrases in the sentence and then add those phrases in meaningful manner.

So these are the topics which normally come in the English language section and also the tips for each topics. There are some important books which are recommended for SBI PO English language Prelims Exams.

Best English Language Books for SBI PO 2019

These books are recommended for competitive examination preparation. In these books, you’ll get every tips and tricks for English language section of SBI PO prelims 2019. If you have any question related to this examination,please ask in comment box. We’ll definitely help you. We’ll be uploading SBI PO Previous year question paper, please keep visiting.

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