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How to Tips for Effective Studying and Preparation for Exams

In order to succeed in any competitive examination, you must first learn as how to study and prepare properly . There are many effective ways of studying and preparation but it’s upon you to figure out what works for you. What type of studying environment best suits you? You also need to decide whether you want to study in the morning time or in the evening time. Majority of people study late at night so it depends on you at what time of the day, you want to study.

You really need to thing upon this and you can do a little research for some days to know yourself better for best effective studying.

Effective Study Tips


Whenever we first learn something useful information and we pay attention then it goes to our short term memory. If we keep working to process the information and adapt it correctly it then moves to your long term memory. The information processed into your long term memory is more or less permanent; with occasional reviewing you will not forget it.

The trick is to adapt the information you really need into your LTM as quickly as possible. Your short term memory has a small capacity and a short duration. It’s always easy to learn and grasp information very fast, but in the next 24 hours you will lose 80% of that information. The short term memory is fast and easily accessed, the long term memory is slower but larger.


Repetition is the key to learn and study well. The more times you read study material the better chance you have of storing it permanently in your memory.

SQ3R Method

It is the reading and studying system referred by many top Rankers. Reading research indicates that SQ3R method is an extremely effective study method. It’s really effective because its a system which keeps you active during your study time and makes you an organized person.

Step 1: “S” = Survey

Before you actually read a chapter, or go over a particular section of notes, take five minutes to survey the material. Briefly check headings and subheadings in order to understand the author’s organizational pattern of ideas to be discussed. Scan all visual material. Read introductory and summary paragraphs. This preview will enable you to anticipate what the chapter is about.

Step 2: “Q” = Question

Create interest in the material by asking. What are the main points of the chapter? As you read, keep the question in mind and figure out the most important points. It gives you a clearly defined purpose for reading and helps you maintain interest in the material.

Step 3: “R” = Read

Read the chapter actively for meaning. Go through the paragraph before underlining, then underline key words and phrases to help you recall the main points. Be selective, you don’t want to highlight non important points or miss anything that can help your comprehension. Summarize main concepts in your own words in the margins.

Step 4: “R” = Recite

After every few pages, close your book and recite aloud the main points tot he questions you posed in step 2. Try to recall basic details as to the authors’s intent by putting them in your own words. Verify your answer by checking the text. Don’t be frustrated, this takes more time but the information will be clearer in your mind.

Step 5: “R” = Review

Finally, review the chapter every so often to fix the material in your mind. Keep rereading your margin notes and underlining. Verbalize the sequence of main ideas and supporting facts to aid retention . Numerous reviews are a lot more effective than one cramming session the night before an exam. Review once right after your have finished reading and then every couple of days.

The SQ3R is tiem consuming at first expect it to take ten to fifteen percent longer to read a give chapter when you first begin. Research indicates a 70% increase in retention after two months of using the system and eventually a reduction in time spent preparing for exams.

These are effective tips and techniques for studying and preparation for exams. If you continue to follow such tips of preparation over a period of months then you will be full of confident in cracking any type of competitive examination. An Organized person is always successful in competition exams. So start preparing now as few exams are coming soon. Of which IBPS PO 2013 exam is exam which atleast a million candidates are looking to give.

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