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Best Reasoning Books for IBPS PO Exams 2019

As you know Institute of Personnel Selection has announced the date of examination. So you have to start preparation since today. IBPS is consider as toughest exams. They will select only those aspirants who will complete and clear all Stages. So first of all you have to Start preparation of first phase. First Phase consist of three sections General Intelligence means reasoning, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, where English language has 30 questions with 30 marks, Quantitative aptitude has 35 questions with 35 marks and Reasoning Abilities has 35 question with 35 marks. You have been given 1 hour to solve the questions. Means you have to solve 100 questions with in 1 hour.

In this article, we will only talk about tips and tricks for preparation of Reasoning Abilities for IBPS PO. Reasoning Abilities test is given to you to check your intelligence and mind sharpness. So if you want to get job in banking sector as a PO, you have to work hard in each subjects. But before starting any preparation, you have to know about its syllabus and exam paper pattern. So let’s know about IBPS PO Syllabus 2017.

Pattern and syllabus for IBPS PO 2017
General Intelligence and Reasoning Analogies.
Similarities and Differences.
Space Visualization.
Spatial Orientation.
Visual Memory.
Relationship concepts.
Arithmetical Reasoning.
Arithmetic Number Series.
Non-Verbal Series.
Coding and
Semantic Classification.
Symbolic/Number Classification.
Semantic Analogy.
Figurative Analogy.
Number Series.
Figurative Series.
Venn Diagrams.
Embedded Figures etc.

So above given list is IBPS PO syllabus. I have also mentioned IBPS PO pattern in first paragraph of this article. Now as you know about Pattern and Syllabus of Reasoning Abilities, It’s time to start preparation according to it. Now before starting any preparation , you have to buy some best books for best preparation. Best books can reduce your work because good preparation books consist of some best tricks, questions and answers. So if you want buy best just click on the name of book.

Best Reasoning Abilities Books for IBPS PO 2017

So these are some best books for IBPS PO exam preparation. If you want to do best preparation, follow the given tips in your daily life. There are some tips are given for preparing and clearing the examination.

Tips for clearing Reasoning Abilities for IBPS PO

  • Maintain a priority list and solve the easy one first and practice crucial one first.
  •  At the initial level, you have to start from basic rules and concept of all topics.
  • Reasoning wants more tricky so try to master involved.
  • Pay more attention on solving coding and decoding.
  • During practice, try to solve question without writing on paper.
  • Give Mock test to know your abilities.
  • Solve previous year paper as many as you can. By solving previous year paper you can analyze your current level.
  • Try to solve questions as soon as you can.

If you apply these tips in your practicing hour, you can surely clear the examination. Use tricks which you are told by your teacher. It will help you to boost your solving speed and also your accuracy. If you need any information about this examination or reasoning abilities Syllabus, please comment below. We will be uploading some previous year paper and other important PDF. So keep visiting the website.