Best English Language Books for SBI PO 2017

English language is the not difficult if you do your home work completely but if you are talking about bank’s exam then it is little difficult than all competitive exam. State bank of India has announced a recruitment of SBI PO post. There are large number of vacancy in SBI means it is best opportunity for candidates who want to make their career in banking sector. If you are talking about bank’s job then it is very prestigious job.  You will get high salary and the most important part of this job is you will get respect from others.

So we are talking about English language then do not worry about it because we have given best tricks for English language section of SBI PO 2017 recruitment. The most important part of any exam that you have to know its syllabus. We have below links from where you can know whole syllabus and other examination detail of SBI PO post. In this article,we have mentioned tips and tricks for English section.

Syllabus and more detail of SBI PO 2017 Recruitment

You can get full detail by clicking on the upper link.

English language section normally consist of five topics – Reading comprehension, Error spotting,  para jumbles, cloze test, Grammatical correction of sentence. So if you get full control on these topics then you can easily clear cut off mark of English language section. So I have given tips for every topics below.  If you follow all tips then you can easily clear the English language section.

Reading comprehension:- This topic is given to judge your capability of  understanding the passage and to analyze the problem in correct perspective. The question will not asked directly. So you have to understand all passage and then answer all question. You have improve your reading ability and understanding the passage. So we have given some tips for the reading comprehension topic.

  • Read English news paper daily and understand and try to find difficult word and learn its synonyms and antonyms of that word.
  • Whenever you find new word then write down that word in your vocabulary dairy and try to find out the meaning of word.
  • Try to solve passage as much as you can. If you solve passage then you will get idea to solve question.

Para jumble:-  In these type questions, you have to rearrange the sentence in correct order. So you have to be careful in arranging these types of questions. it consist of group of sentences in incorrect arrangement. You have to be familiar with structure and formation of sentence. I have given some tips for para jumble. Follow the tips to solve questions.

  • You have to solve Para jumble types question daily.
  • Study about structure and formation of sentences. It will be very helpful in arranging sentence.
  • Do not get confuse in solving question.

Clozet:- This is very scoring topic for candidates who have good skill of grammatical and reading.  Candidate can get easily 3 or 4 number in this section if candidate has good reading and grammatical sense. You have to choose correct meaningful words to complete the sentence. I have given some tips for this topic.

  • First of all, you have to read sentence then choose meaningful word. It is very important to read add meaningful words in every sentence.
  • Read the sentence without looking at the option and fill in the blanks. After filling, look at the option and choose which matches with your prediction.
  • If you are not sure 100% then leave it and try another sentence. Do not waste your time on it. If you have correct 80% question then you are good to go.

Grammatical correction of sentences ( Error spotting):-  It is very difficult topic for the student whose grammar is weak. So if your grammar is weak then do not try to solve it because it is waste of time but if you want to solve all error spotting sentence then do not forget to buy Wren and Martin’s High School English Grammar book because it is best grammar book and very famous for the grammatical point of view. I have given some grammar books to reduce your grammatical error.

To  buy check out the links given below:-

  1. Martin’s High School English Grammar book
  2. Word power to make your vocabulary strong
  3. English Grammar for General Competition 
  4. To boost up your solving Speed English objective book

So you can start your English language preparation since today. It is very important to focus English language because many students are weak in English Specially in Grammar portion. If you want to make your grammar strong then the given books and start your preparation. If you want to clear the cut off then you have to concentrate  on English grammar.

SBl PO exam General English Study plan:- Follow the given steps for strong preparation.

  • To clear the cut off marks, Keep your whole mind on every topic equally.
  • If you want to boost your reading speed then you have to read a good English news paper.
  • You have to give at least one hour for English language preparation.
  • Give one mock test everyday. Mock test can boost your solving speed.
  • Solve previous year paper for good result.
  • Choose the best books for the best preparation.

I have given the best books for the best preparation. It is very important to start preparation by the best books because best books give you best idea of preparation.

Some best books for the best preparation:-

  1. English Language Comprehension Skill: An Authentic Book for CSAT/IBPS/SSC/CAPF and All Other Examinations
  2. A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language
  3. Essential English Grammar with Answers

I’ll also upload some pdf of SBI PO previous year paper for you. Keep your focus on this section.

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