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Countries and Capitals is one of the important topic in general awareness section. Most of the competitive exams have atleast 1 question regarding capitals. If the country is quite popular then you are always able to answer it. However if country isn’t popular on world level then you can’t even guess the capital. The provided PDF file contains list of all world countries and their capitals including currencies that you can learn and remember. 

You should remember capitals of all neighbouring countries and countries which are in recent news. Normally competitive exams concentrate in these areas only. However if some country has historical achievement in certain thing then their capitals are also asked. You should also remember capitals of all developed countries and countries which are member of organizations like BRICS, NATO, United nations etc.. 

Download Countries and Capitals PDF

We have also developed a Countries and Capitals Quiz app that you can download and practice. The countries and Capitals Quiz app is available only for Android mobiles. If you are browsing from Android mobile then you can click on the image below to download Country Capitals Quiz app:



You can also search on Play store: com.techpandey.capitalquiz to download on your phone.

There are total of 7 categories according to continents in this app. You can play quiz on:

  1. Asian Countries and Capitals
  2. Europe Countries and Capitals
  3. North American Countries and Capitals
  4. South American Countries and Capitals
  5. Australasia Countries and Capitals
  6. African Countries and Capitals

If you read the PDF file then you will be able to answer all the questions. Currencies will be included in the next version of the app. The question will appear at random in the quiz so that you will be able to attempt and remember all the capitals. Total of 3 lifelines are provided in the quiz to help you score more points: SKIP Questions, Timer reset and 50-50 lifelines are given. A total of 8 lifelines are also given .You score will be shown at the end of the quiz and it will be stored on phone so that you can check your progress. 

This capitals trivia will surely help you get that 1 mark in the competitive exams. 1 marks has its importance and you should never ignore it. Play this geography quiz to practice and remember all the capitals of the world countries. PDF download is free so download it now.

Below is one of the best static GK app that you can download for any government exam. It’s a quiz app. If you will practice daily then you can learn almost all the questions very easily. You can even check your marks after each quiz. Try it out guys.

Download the static GK app from this link :

gk Quiz app

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