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English section is one of the most important section in any public and private sector exam. Specially in public sector exams like IBPS, SBI, SSC and other various government exams, It’s very important to score high marks in English section as you can reach the overall cutoff easily. English section is full of questions on reading comprehension, sentence correction, jumbled sentences, Synonyms, Antonyms and many more questions. There are always 3-4 questions on synonyms. You can get more questions in paragraphs where they ask to find similar meaning of word used in paragraph. 

If you have the habit of reading and remembering Synonyms over a period of time then it will be very easy to score those 4 marks. Certainly you can not remember everything in one day. You need to prepare daily atleast 9-10 synonyms so that you can prepare a lot after few months. Keep practicing and revising because that’s the only way. 

Download the below PDF which contains hundreds of Synonyms from A to Z. 

Download Reference List of Synonyms

Another best thing about synonyms is that your vocabulary will increase. You can use those words while writing essays and letters. People who use good words in their writing always get more marks compared to candidates who write in simple words. Download the free PDF file and keep the file on your desktop or on your home screen of your mobile else you will barely open it. And after some days, you will forget that you downloaded this kind of file. 

Recommended Books for Synonyms and Antonyms : 

Also Don’t forget to download the Test Your English Quiz app by this website (Click on Icon below to download now on your mobile): 


You can play quizzes on topics like Synonyms, Antonyms, OneWord Substitution,Idioms and Spelling Errors along with many more upcoming topics…

So guys, if you want those extra 4-5 marks then start preparing synonyms from the file. Most probably you will be able to read all of them in a month and then you need revision at appropriate times. We will be bringing up more study material of English section soon. Till then stay tuned…

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  1. Sarfraj Khan

    If I want to be more synonyms and antonyms for using the formation of sentences in which my vocabulary would be improved automatically

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