Kotak Mahindra Bank PO Interview Questions

Kotak Mahindra Bank PO Program ( popularly known as KPO Program ) is conducted for 1 year in association with Manipal Academy of Banking where 9 month of training is provided along with next 3 months of work in any Kotak Branch across the country. Once you complete the course successfully, you will be appointed as Probationary officer/relationship manager in any Kotak Mahindra Bank branch across the country. Similar program are run by ICICI, AXIS, Fedral Bank, Bank of Baroda Bank, Ing Vysa Bank etc..

Recently Kotak Mahindra Bank took aptitude for all registered candidates. Out of 15000 people they selected 900 candidates for interview. Interviews are going on in different cities across India. Out of 900, around 150 will be selected for the next batch of KPO program.

Here is the list of  interview questions asked by the Kotak Mahindra Interviewers : 

  1. Tell me about yourself. ( This is how any interview starts)
  2. What were you doing till now ? ( Specially to 2012/2011/2010 and above batch candidates as they are not freshers)
  3. Why do you want to join bank? ( Prepare some solid reasons to join bank)
  4. Why do you want to join Kotak Mahindra Bank? 
  5. Why do you want to join bank after engineering/BCA/MCA/MBA? ( One of the most common question asked from candidates from above mentioned stream)
  6. Why didn’t you got the job till now? 
  7. Why don’t you want to work in the IT industry ? ( For Engineering Students) ( If you ever did a job for a very short period of time then don’t mention it else the next question will be “Why did you quit?”.
  8. Why did you quit your last job? ( In case you mentioned that you are bit experienced.)
  9. In which department you would like to go : Operations or Sales? ( You must know what are the features of these departments else next question will by “Why?”)
  10. What is the role of PO in a bank? ( Very important question as the whole program is about PO)
  11. Tell me about Kotak Mahindra PO program? ( If you read the brochure then you know more than enough)
  12. Some questions related to Banking Terminology like “What is CRR and SLR?” “What is the role of RBI?” But they don’t go very deep in asking questions about RBI or banking terminology.
  13. Are you comfortable with relocation ( Mobility)? ( Specially for girls ) Always say “YES” if you really want to get selected.
  14. Very few questions on Kotak Bank itself ( You should always explore the bank’s website before going to the interview specially about their top management and awards)

They also asked some general questions like:

  1. What don’t you want to join government jobs? ( These question were asked specially if your father or big brother are in the government service.)
  2. What is your sister or brother doing? ( In case you mentioned in the form that you have siblings).

The interview time range was from 2 minutes to 20 minutes. If you are appearing for any private sector bank interview then simply prepare the basic questions and banking terminology. They don’t ask anything which is related to public sector banks or institutions. They simply check your communications skills, your smartness in answering questions, basic general awareness. They don’t want you to be super brilliant in banking. They look for interested candidates who really want to make their career in banking domain.

However Interview Questions asked in IBPS PO, Clerk, Specialist officer, SBI PO, Clerk are totally different. They will be asking a lot about public sector bank knowledge. 

You can refer this book to know as how to crack public sector bank interview:

  1. How To Succeed In Bank Interview by Kiran Prakshan

Here are some basic tips as how to crack the interview of private sector banks : 

  1. Your communication skills should be perfect. ( It’s a must so practice well )
  2. Present your answers with valid reasons. ( Make it simple and sweet)
  3. You must show your interest towards banking in your answers.
  4. Never contradict your own answers. ( It happens with experienced candidates mainly)

There are lot of other things that needs to be included. If you filled the form for ICICI PO which will happen in upcoming months then start preparing for aptitude and once u clear then practice these questions well.

We will also be coming up with general interview questions and answers asked in Public Sector Banks soon. Keep visiting the website for further updates.

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