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You may be already knowing that Institute of Banking personnel selection is going to conduct Specialist officer exam on the coming 9th February. All of you will be in your final stage of preparation for the exam. However those who opted for IT specialist officer will still be having doubts over their professional knowledge study material whether it is enough or not. For those guys who opted IT specialist officer post, we are going to provide certain study material with answers that we found on the internet. 

These are PDF files taken from the internet. You need adobe reader or foxit reader in order to read them. You can easily download them for free. However if you think any of the answers or questions given in any of the PDF is wrong then please search the same on Google. Below mentioned files will be very helpful in your preparation for IBPS IT Specialist officer exam.

Here is the list of Professional knowledge files to be downloaded : 

  1. IBPS Professional knowledge paper  Part 1
  2. IBPS IT Officer Professional Knowledge Part 2
  3. IBPS IT Officer Professional Knowledge Part 3
  4. IBPS Professional knowledge paper Part 4
  5. IBPS Professional knowledge paper Part 5
  6. IBPS Professional knowledge paper Part 6
  7. IBPS Professional knowledge paper Part 7
  8. IT-Officer-Professional-knowledge-Practice-Material Part 8
  9. IBPS Professional knowledge paper Part 9
  10. IBPS Professional knowledge paper Part 10
  11. IBPS Professional knowledge paper Part 11
  12. IBPS Professional knowledge paper Part 12
  13. Professional Knowledge paper Part 13
  14. Allahabad Bank PO Exam previous year IT Questions – Part 14
  15. Allahabad Bank previous year question paper for IT officers – Part 15
  16. IBPS Professional knowledge paper Part 16
  17. IBPS Professional knowledge paper Part 17

Few of these files are previous years papers of IT specialist officer. Few of the PDF files contain questions from other banks such as Bank of Allahabad which will be very helpful in preparing professional knowledge for the exam.

Best Books for IBPS IT Specialist Officer Exam :

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These files have questions ranging from Operating system to Database. Download all the files and go through them one by one. You may already be knowing most of the questions but still read them once again. It will be simply a revision and you will be also able to know more questions. Answers are provided in all the PDF files. 

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