Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal for Competition Exams

Quantitative Aptitude is one of the most important section in any exam now a days. Exams like IBPS PO, Clerk ,SBI PO Clerk, SSC, CAT, SCRA and various other state and public sector exams have this section. It’s also one of the most high scoring section for many students specially for those who are from engineering backgrounds. As the questions asked in this section are quite easy to solve, marks can be obtained easily. However, you need enough practice and speed to solve all types of questions from this section. Quite easy to solve does not mean that it’s a piece of cake to eat. You need to work hard on aptitude problems. If you do practice daily then you will know the areas in which you are weak. And then you can start working on those problems. 

Common problems or questions include series, work and time, percentage, pipes and cisterns, problems on trains, simple and compound interests, pie charts, data interpretation and various other problems. Quantitative Aptitude (17th Edition) by RS Aggarwal covers all these topics in detail. Quantitative Aptitude book contains number of solved questions for practice as well as exercises are provided at the end of the chapter to solve for yourself. Solutions of the exercise is given as well.

All the shortcuts formals, tips, tricks and methods are provided in this book. In fact all the formulas are provided at the beginning of the chapter so that you can remember them before solving the questions. As you will start solving the questions, you will be learning tricks and methods to solve the questions fast and save the time.

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If you filled the form for any competition exams to be held in future then you must purchase this book to prepare for the aptitude section. Not to mention, various IT companies conducts placement exams and in those exams aptitude round is the most critical one. Many candidates having enough practice are only able to clear that round.

Here are the contents of the book which you can also see on the book description page : 

  • Numbers, Average, Percentage, Decimal Fractions, H.C.F. and L.C.M., Square Roots and Cube Roots.
  • Problems on Numbers and Ages, Simplification, Alligations, and Logarithms
  • Surds and Indices, Pipes and Cistern, Chain Rule, Boats and Streams, Simple and Compound Interests, Time and Work, Partnership, Problems on Trains, and Volume and Surface Area.
  • Stocks and Shares, True Discount and Banker’s Discount, Games of Skill, Races, Permutations and Combination, Series, Odd Man Out, Clocks, Heights and Distances, and Calendar.
  • The Data Interpretation part covers Tabulation and various kinds of graphs like Bar, Pie and Line Graphs.

All the aptitude questions are normally asked from these topics only. Suppose you filled the form for IBPS Clerk Common written examination, then practice the previous papers of it to know what type of questions appear in the exams. After that, you can select the topics and start preparing from this book. 

You must always practice and solve the questions from a physical book and not from PDF or ebook. A physical book always creates a different environment and state of mind for the best preparation of you exam. You can also refer other study material for aptitude section however as far as we are concerned, Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal is enough to score good marks in any competitive exam’s aptitude section.

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